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Dear Team Member,

With the upcoming possibility of an impending strike from the 3 largest auto companies in the US, PTI’s available business could be affected. Due to this, we may have to lay off employees due to lack of work. Please note, this is NOT to inform you that you are laid off. This notice is to provide instruction in the event it does occur. Employees laid off due to the strike will be eligible to claim unemployment. This sheet is to help you with information on where to go and how to start a claim if you do receive a layoff notice from PTI.

While you work under PTI, your employer is technically listed as Staffworks Group as they process your pay. For purposes of Unemployment, you must report your most recent employer as:

Brann Enterprises DBA Staffworks Group 24445 - Northwestern HWY., Suite 200 Southfield, MI 48075

Staffworks FEIN number:  27-4362209

If hired after 5/30/2014 FEIN: 45-5135555


You can find your respective state’s unemployment website below to begin a claim:




The websites above will help you get started and provide instructions on how to start your claim. If you have any questions about your claim, you may reach out to Staffworks group at:

(248) 416-1090

Or contact your local PTI HR rep for questions and assistance.

*Spanish Version*